Election 2012

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The Ogre is a pizza delivery monkey. He's finally come up with a webcomic concept he likes and is finally making a go of it. The Ogre loves many things and hates few, however he has issues with almost everything (mostly because he has issues--he's started having acne around and on his nose and sitting place again). The Ogre is forty-somethin' flippy years old for goodness sakes and is loosing his mind.

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12 comments on “Election 2012
  1. Great art is all about freedom. I say vote for freedom!

  2. yes, for without freedom we are truly lost

    • I agree, but both parties seem to claim a path to freedom.

      • Yes, that is the claim. To choose wisely we must each examine what we believe freedom to be. Then we must push beyond the presumed pundits and soundbites to make a decision minus the hype on all sides. For me, cliche as it is, I must consider my grandchildren. What will their tomorrows look like?
        Who am I kidding? I live in California, with the condition of our state, we are merely subjects.

      • I agree, my kids moved from Calli in February. They plan on starting a business eventually and California is not a good place for that.

        I, too, must consider what my kids and soon to be grandkids need. Rough choices.

      • I own a small business, I feel their pain.

  3. Nicole says:

    It’s not difficult for me…. :)

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