The Great Horn

The Great Horn; a broken villanelle
A family’s want: to hinder famine’s ash,
some water, rice, and perseverance. Ache–
the malt in Africa’s poor, sour mash–

depletes philanthropists’ conviction, cash.
We pray thee God: Aplomb, humility–
a family’s creed to stave off famine’s ash–

audacity, enthusiasm’s flash,
objective-autonomic rule we beg.
The malt in Africa’s poor, sour mash:

intimidation; children’s bodies smashed,
inhoomed under terrorism’s sway;
and family dearth. Deferring famine? Ash

deposits, guerilla compacts, the gnash
the lions generate obfuscate greed–
the malt in Africa’s poor, sour mash.

Hyenas spurn the ruminated trash
and hunt the donkeys mothers use to fill
their family’s want expanding famine’s ash
the malt in Africa’s poor, sour mash

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The Ogre is a pizza delivery monkey. He's finally come up with a webcomic concept he likes and is finally making a go of it. The Ogre loves many things and hates few, however he has issues with almost everything (mostly because he has issues--he's started having acne around and on his nose and sitting place again). The Ogre is forty-somethin' flippy years old for goodness sakes and is loosing his mind.

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2 comments on “The Great Horn
  1. I have a Facebook page called Post-A-Poem that could profit from your addition but as I can see, your very busy so just a thought. Like the poem

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