Regarding the L

Regarding the L


God knows I’m traveling, man.

Don’t tell which train I’m on.

God, I’m a traveling man.

Can’t tell which train I’m on.

Brown Line, Orange Line, Pink Line

which one I’m getting on.


No tower 18 guide.

All switches are open.

Tower 18 don’t guide.

Those loop switches’re open.

Heading for downtown, God,

keep those switches open.


headhouse occupies the

block. hundred foot ceiling

covered in glass keeps man

waiting on benches. up

above Amtrak keeps its

offices. entrances

access underground trains

through subterranean

passage ways, lanes, tunnels.


God knows I’m traveling, man.

Out them grand staircases.

God, I’m train traveling, man.

Out, out grand staircases.

Milwaukee or New York

bound those grand staircases.

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The Ogre is a pizza delivery monkey. He's finally come up with a webcomic concept he likes and is finally making a go of it. The Ogre loves many things and hates few, however he has issues with almost everything (mostly because he has issues--he's started having acne around and on his nose and sitting place again). The Ogre is forty-somethin' flippy years old for goodness sakes and is loosing his mind.

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2 comments on “Regarding the L
  1. gorgeous. awesome writing on photo. this is somebody’s song, right? i tried looking it up…

    • Aaron the Ogre says:

      I wrote this yesterday. I was still bummed that Etta James died and when Don Cornelius shot himself, I decided to write about the Chicago subway system.

      I’m glad you like it. I often write in the blues. The only problem with writing in the blues-form is I have yet to publish any blues-poems. Sonnets, Tanka and Free-verse: yes. Blues: no.

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